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Father and daughter kicked off Frontier Airlines plane after stewardess overheard private conversation

Frontier Airline kicked out two of its passengers who have boarded their flight after an 8-hour delay, Eric (70 years old) and Whitney Miller (25 years old), after an stewardess overhead the father and daughter’s apparent rant on getting back to the airlines for the delay it caused and how the cabin crew looked so morose.

The airline claimed that these passengers were cursing at its staff which has been disagreed by another passenger. This claim cannot be seen on the footage which was taken regarding the incident.

On the video, a staffer can be heard saying, “Please leave the aircraft or we can contact police to have you escorted off the aircraft.

Consequently, Erica Miller inquired for clarifications on why they were being asked to leave which was answered with “talk about it off the plane”.

Mr. Miller said, “This is the most loathsome experience I can actually say I’ve indulged in in 70 years of flying on an airplane. This is absolutely incredible. We have a conversation, you’re threatened, and we’re gonna have to leave after spending 12 hours in this airport waiting for this plane. This is loathsome! This is a shameful experience! Absolutely shameful!

On the same footage, some of the passengers were heard applauding in support of the Millers. The woman who recorded the video said that the said airlines is now part of her dislike list. Hence, she will no longer be choosing this airline for her next flights again. She also said that “these poor people did not deserve this at all”.

A passenger of the same flight named Jocelyn Gonzales wrote on Facbook, “A stewardess felt threatened after “overhearing” a conversation between this daughter and father just trying to get back after we all sat for a nine-hour delay! You hear his reaction? Still classy after all the attacks Frontier gave them both. Never again!”

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