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Frida Sofia, the girl who captivated the nation after Mexico earthquake… never really existed

Last Tuesday, Mexico was hit by an earthquake which already claimed about 273 lives. One of the rescues made was in Enrique Rébsamen school.

Last September 21, El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, reported that “Frida Sofia”, a young girl who was believed to be trapped in the school’s rubbles with a number of children and adults who are trapped for 32 hours was saying, “I’m thirsty, I’m okay. Please don’t take too long.”

This story has been followed by journalists who gathered at the scene to get more info as social media users sensationalized the story by sharing memes and emotional messages of support which totaled to about 350,000 plus tweets.

A Mexican youtuber, Ryan Hoffman, whose tweet was shared for more than 5,000 tweeted, “Little Frida Sofia has survived 32 hours trapped under the rubble, fighting for her life. A real fighter, soon she will be out of it.”

Frida Sofia was quickly confirmed as a lie by the navy and apologized for the confusion.

But Navy Admiral Jose Vergara Larra told media that after four hours of rescue operations, a girl who was alive was found. There were reports that no parents nor relatives of the child came forward. In addition, the school stated last Thursday that no student under the name of Frida Sofia is registered.

Thus, Navy undersecretary Angel Enrique Sarmiento released a statement last Thursday that Friday Sofia was “not a reality”.

To add, government authorities said that they had never known a child named Frida Sofia and that no signs that a child was alive in the ruins of the school.

With all these seemingly opposing statements, Sarmiento finally confirmed that there were actually reports of a surviving girl. He then said, I offer an apology to Mexicans for the information given this afternoon in which I said that the navy did not have any details about a supposed minor survivor in this tragedy.”

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