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80 military vehicles accidentally set on fire… during fire prevention exercise

Wallmansthal depot, North of Pretoria – During a fire prevention exercise, at least 83 unused military vehicles caught fire due to an uncontrollable and unexpected wind which happened last Wednesday. This made the flame of the firebreak procedure to go towards the parked vehicles which were only used for possible need of spare parts.

Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi said, “While the fire rescue team was busy with the firebreak procedure there was an unanticipated change of wind that caused the fire to take a different direction. Then the fire started. I can’t confirm how long it took for all the vehicles to catch fire. They were not used or going to be used in the near future. The base used them for parts. Though they were disposal vehicles‚ some had useful and usable parts. They assisted with repairs.”

He added, “A board of inquiry was instituted and it should have a report on the cause of the fire or any loss this might have caused. We should have results in 30 days.”

It was reported that no one was suspended regarding the accident.

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