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Angela Merkel wins fourth term in Germany!… but far-right party enter parliament for the 1st time since Nazis

Mutti – a German word for mother which also represents Angela Merkel, 63, a leader who bravely opposes President Trump on major foreign issues, who also outlasted two US presidents, three French leaders, six Italian prime ministers and three British prime ministers, has been elected, once again, by the German people as Germany’s first female chancellor who secures a fourth term. She is also a daughter of a Lutheran pastor who grew up in a Communism environment in East Germany.

With this, Mutti, secures the longest tenure in Europe’s democratically elected leader.

Experts said that Merkel’s achievement is not limited to a mere exercise in political endurance. It also included a triumph for her governing formula: pragmatic, centrist, fair. The emergence of the county’s third largest right-wing nationalist group, AfD or the Alternative for Germany, caused her win to be corrupted but both her methods and manner were validated.

An expert on political and economic affairs at the berlin office of Open Europe, Michael Wohlgemuth, said, “She does her job. She does it quietly. She does it efficiently. The economy is doing fine. There has been no mood for change at the top. Germans feel pretty good about themselves compared to our neighbors.”

Her policies and instincts seemed to be clinging more on the conservative side as she opposes gay marriage.

Her stand on climate change, immigration and social justice are mostly supported by Germany’s mainstream political groups excluding the anti-Islam and euro-skeptic AfD. reported in verbatim,

“The strong showing for the AfD — finishing with 12.6% of the vote — complicates matters. There has been no right-wing party in Germany’s parliament since the decade after the Nazis were defeated in World War II.

That means Merkel can expect political turbulence, a fact she acknowledged when she addressed supporters Sunday and vowed to listen to the “concerns and anxieties” of AfD voters.

With typical understatement, Merkel said had hoped for a “better result.”

Germans are especially sensitive to any revival of the extreme nationalism that brought Adolf Hitler to power 84 years ago.

Merkel’s re-election, nevertheless, showed she possesses that elusive political gold dust: luck.

Merkel has achieved something that has escaped nearly every other country in the West recently — she made Germany feel tranquil.”


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