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Lavinia Woodward, boyfriend stabber who dodged jail, bragged about loving S&M gear and orgies

“I’m into some very kinky stuff.” This was the alleged statement of the 24-year old medical student Lavinia Woodward who was a regular on the kink scene and loved to dress in racy S&M style outfits as friend said.

The same friend stated, “She had a wild collection of underwear. She had a real fetish for it. She used to dress in La Perla, Gucci and Dior bras that could cost hundreds. I know sometimes she just wore underwear with her fur coat, which was her pride and joy. Lavinia went to the notorious Piers Gaveston party once and spent the whole night in the orgy tent.”


Lastly, the pal added, “She always had ‘top drawer’ cocaine – the best money could buy, that she kept in her top drawer. She always had some in her room.”

The reported that the court heard that earlier in the evening, Lavinia and her boyfriend, Cambridge boffin Thomas Fairclough, was having sex before she allegedly went berserk probably due to a cocaine-fueled rage which led to her stabbing him with a knife.

It was not known if the victim was also taking any illegal drugs.

It was also noted that the accused was a regular at dress-up parties and the wild LGBTQ society events, including gay nights at Oxford clubs.

In verbatim from the same site, “An old school friend from Italy said Lavinia “became all dark and gothic” after she started taking drugs at university and “posted naked pictures of herself on Facebook”.”

After her arrest, the worried chiefs at Christ Church, Oxford, offered counselling to students via e-mail announcement.


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