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Canadian man rescued from Taliban didn’t believe Donald Trump became President, thinking his captors were joking

Joshua Boyle and his wife, Caitlin Coleman, who were kidnapped for more than five years by a Taliban-linked group in Afghanistan called the Haqqani network were rescued last week.

During the late 2012, while hiking in Afghanistan, both Boyle and the pregnant Coleman were kidnapped which made it possible to have 2 more children while in captivity. They have been rescued by five Pakistani forces working off intelligence gathered by the USA. The rescue mission killed some of the captors while some were lucky enough to escape.

The Canadian husband could not believe when he was told by his captors that Donald Trump is now the US President. He actually thought his captors were only joking and said to Toronto Star, “It didn’t enter my mind that he was being serious.”

He added that the Haqqani, “people who have no relationships in life that are not purely mercenary. They have no real friends, only cohorts. They have no wives, children. Those we met who were not orphans spoke of hating their parents.”

Needless to say, he and his family were not treated right during their captivity. This included a rare instance of giving them information from the outside world including Justin Trudeau as the Canadian Prime Minister and Donald Trump as the President of the United States.



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