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Southwest Airlines replies to a customer’s tweet… after a decade

A Hawaiian Local named David Raatz tweeted the Southwest Airlines last 2008 saying, “@SouthwestAir Can you pls enter the HI market (interisland & transpacific)? 🙂 We are hurting for good fares! Mahalo!” from which a response was received after nine years saying, “David, we know it’s been awhile… but we’re going to Hawaii, and we want you on one of our first flights!”

According the the airline’s press release, they are still waiting to secure FAA approval to operate between Hawaii and the mainland before they could start selling the tickets which they target to begin next year.

This new offer could potentially impact the overall ticket prices. reported that Southwest Executive Vice President Andrew Watterson said, “On average, our fares will be lower than theirs or bring down the market price. That’s called the ‘Southwest Effect. Low costs come from very efficient operations. We pay our people well, but we work them hard and we work the airplanes hard. So that leads to low costs so we have lower than our competitors so we’ll be able to bring lower ticket prices.”

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